Back in 2017, co-founder Evette Miller-Wellington, was in a conversation with her husband, talking about how she found it frustrating that not only was the cost of makeup too high, but she found herself constantly retouching. She took it upon herself to find better makeup that not only was reasonably priced but had long-lasting pigmentation. Acting as the guinea pig for her own research, Risque’y Cosmetics was born. She sourced vegan products that are so clean, even a child could use them. “Beauty is pain, we get it, but it should not cost pain in your wallet”, states Evette. When you shop with Risque’y Cosmetics, the things to expect are: ➳All vegan based products ➳No animal cruelty ➳Hypoallergenic ➳Highly pigmented products that will never fade Risque’y Cosmetics is proud to be a black-owned business and is committed to empowering their customers to be the best version of themselves. As of 2023 Risque’y has added wigs, glasses, kids line and hair products to the brand. The most exciting part is that the company has partner with Vonshae, from Love & Hip Hop Miami, to bring forth  her brand Black Widow  which includes hair and make-up.  Here at Risque’y Our Motto is…. “DARE TO BE INSPIRING, DARE TO BE BOLD….. DARE TO BE RISQUE’Y!!!